Jay Goulding


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My name is Jay Goulding. I make things using green wood and traditional tools. I do some film, drawing, writing and putting animal organs in jars also.

Artist statement:
Originally from Dorset and now Bristol based, Jay is a graduate in Film Production but now dedicates most of his creativity to drawing and sculpture. He aims to create complex, tactile and delicate works, informed by base feelings, memories and circumstance.
His work attempts to resonate with the viewer's experiences so that each person experiences the work according to their own reality.

Other Projects & Info

This website is still under partial construction, more info soon!

Décor & Event Design

I create environments rich with installations, sculpture, light and video art. I compose the event layout as an art piece, incorporating art theory in orientation and colour theory in design.
You can see some more of my work at the Anthropos Festival website - a transformational gathering in near London where I function as the Visual Lead and Décor Coordinator.


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